Official Publication of Women Pediatricians forum - “WE Connect”

To Cultivate collaboration and foster a mutual support community, a group of Indian women pediatricians has designed a magazine named We Connect. Our Magazine majorly communicates in regards to showcasing outstanding achievements and offers invaluable insights that are crucial to pediatric healthcare in India. We serve as a pivotal hub for the exchange of knowledge, the establishment of meaningful connections, and the empowerment of each member. Join us in honoring the incredible dedication and important contributions of Indian women in pediatrics, as we work together to improve healthcare.

For questions or to share your own content, feel free to contact us at – 9850898759

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WE Connect

January 2024
Empowering women, nurturing children - the official publication of the Women's Pediatrician Forum,

"Inspiring Inclusivity".

Call for Youth Editors

The Official Publication of Women Paediatrician’s Forum

The We Connect editorial board is seeking passionate youth aged 18-24 interested in journalism, creative writing, and social activism to join their team. This exciting opportunity empowers young adults to voice their ideas, lead initiatives, and collaborate for gender advancement and community well-being.

Apply by completing google form

Last date for submission of the Google form is 15 May 2024.


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